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Cello course Heemstede October 21-24 

Cellists, mainly from my classes in Amsterdam and in Tilburg, joined this course.

I truly believe in cooperation between students by helping each other, seeing each other playing, making music and having (apparently the same) technical issues. I also think that it is valuable learning from each others way of practising, having lessons and preparing for concerts.

I love to see the growth of the connection in these facts during these days and it makes me happy to know that close friendships between them might be arise here. 

We all work hard to achieve a lot in a relatively short time. The atmosphere in the house is cello, cello and cello. 

Of course this would not be possible without the enormous help of the fantastic pianist and great friend André Telderman. 

Therewith the environment offers beautiful nature, and nice possibilities to relax and having fun. 

Brahms e minor lesson 

Found a santa hat somewhere in the house.. :-)

Listening to each others lessons

Cello ensemble 

Bach in concert 


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