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Teaching teachers

Luckily, many have already become convinced that music is important to us, humans. 


As a cellist, on stage I feel a strong connection with the audience and feel privileged to share music in the moment of a concert.

As a teacher, I give cello lessons to anyone who wants them. In doing so, I make no difference between age and/or level. I have been teaching cello methodology at the conservatories of Amsterdam and Tilburg for many years. And also as professor of cello and the same institutes I consider myself to be lucky to be able to do what I find so important; making and learning music.


Nevertheless, I am also worried; in the Netherlands it is not easy to keep culture standing and healthy. There is far too little money, and even worse, often too little interest. That is why it is so incredibly important that already at the conservatory it is well thought out how the upcoming professional music teachers are trained. And that is not always easy. Young students are often not yet well aware of the importance of teaching. Of course, studying and developing themselves first is also very important. From experience, I am now quite sure that teaching contributes enormously to one's own development and I therefore recommend introducing teaching in time and making it important.


It is regrettable that teaching in music schools and private education is not always as adequate. Often not enough support is given to the process of amateur musicians. I also regularly notice insecurity and ignorance in teaching the elementary aspects that have to be learned in order to be able to handle the instrument in a free way.


I would love to contribute to cello teachers who would like to learn, or want to add aspects to the way they teach!


Please do not hesitate to contact me. We can make an appointment together, or if you would like to come with your student(s), that is also possible.


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