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What a joy teaching the cellist of the wonderful cello class of
Ruud Meester in Leiden!

Proud to be  teacher at the Sweelinck Academy at the CvA!

conservatorium van Amsterdam

Last Saturday our students played their exams.

What a joy, and how incredible to see and listen to so much talented children.

  I still do believe Dutch children have a lot of musical talent.

  I still do believe that culture in the Netherlands can be rich. 

  Let's just don't give up on it! 


Student wins 2nd price prinses Christina concours


Playing Schostakovitch Sonata 

It all started with a nice and cozy rehearsal (apple pie included!). Then the trip to our ‘concertlocation’ of today. 🎶😀


Monique Heidema - cello solo
during pacificatielezing d.d. 5-1-2022
starting at 7'20 m


J.S. Bach - prelude suite 1
M. Reger - prelude suite 1
G. Cassado - preludio - suite 


It is impossible to imagine Breda without the Ocrum Muziekfestival.

This anniversary edition managed to wake up the Breda residents; within 6 days, just under 1,000 visitors attended all of the festival's events. 

As artistic director, I am proud!

As a musician, I am happy!

As a human being, I am grateful!

Thanks to the wonderful foundation of Ocrum, thanks to all the helping hands, thanks to all the organisations that made this festival possible. 


Ocrum Muziekfestival big succes!!

Ocrum Muziekfestival Opening Concert 

Beautiful Chamber Music

F. Schubert - String quintet in C major

A. Dvorak - Piano quintet in A major

Mayor of Breda, Paul Depla, will open the festival. 

And I can tell you that I am really looking forward; what a brilliant and fine colleagues to play with....totally happy!! Go to the Ocrum website to discover who they are. 


Start up to the Ocrum Muziekfestival 

Film & Concert in the Chassétheater Breda.

A beautiful documentary about the pianist Igor Levit was shown. Proud to play with André Telderman beforehand the 4th Beethoven sonata.


Concert Waalse Kerk Breda

Finally, the Waalse kerk was sold out again, after a few weeks of a reduced audience. I am grateful to the Breda audience! 


Summer Course Hungary

I am incredibly thankful for my job: working with beautiful and talented students from all over the world. In a short time seeing them grow and improve in themselves and the music 




Just before June 1, I received a call from the Phion's production manager; a co principal was needed for an educational project.

During and after my studies, I played almost weekly in orchestras. Most in the Rotterdam Philharmonic and the then Gelders Orchestra (now Phion). Around 2010 I stopped doing that, because at the time I felt it didn't really suit me. So I was a bit surprised that after all this time they still managed to find me. I was looking forward to meeting new people again, but especially the educational aspect really appealed to me. It is now so very important that children are allowed to listen to and experience music. 

A primary school teacher: 'Super to see what the orchestra achieved with the children with this concert. The build-up was very well done, even at the end of the concert the children were enthralled! Very impressive. The narrator was able to hold the children's attention well and we thought his role in this was excellent.'

'Due to great success, we are therefore doing another interactive concert with groups 5 to 8. Everything that is normally not usual at a classical concert is now allowed. Singing, dancing, making a rain choir, drumming on your body... Indeed, all this action is actually prescribed! We are very happy to play Concert for Rafiq again after a long time.

Together with the orchestra and narrator Emile Zeldenrust, pupils sing the moving and exciting story of 11-year-old Rafiq, who comes to the Netherlands alone as a refugee.

Pupils prepare the concert in class with the help of a teaching package. In June, all pupils come to the theatre for an unforgettable experience.



Four students win prizes!

My 2 youngest students Hendrik and Minou won 1st and 2nd prizes at the Britten competition

Vincent captured a final place with his piano trio at the pcc competition in region east

Jertil received a well-deserved incentive prize in the South 1 region of the PCC


Chamber Music Course Noordwijk

With mainly young talent from the Sweelinck Academy Amsterdam, together with very fine colleagues, I prepared the most beautiful chamber music. By the sea, so with inspiring views, I stayed in the lovely hotel Huis ter Duin.


Heemstede Cello Course

With a number of talented cellists, I spent a 3 days in beautiful surroundings and in a fine estate. They worked hard and made great progress. Very happy to be able to do this!


Prinses Christina Concours 

On 17-18-19 February, as chairman of the jury of the PCC in Region West 1, I got to listen and watch all kinds of special children again. It is so special to see all these talents passionately involved with music. The enormously high level of the candidates was striking. And that young age...really incredible. Sometimes it is hard to imagine from my own perspective; after all, I only started playing the cello myself at the age of 16, so I never presented myself in this role. Very moving! I am lucky with my amazing profession!


What a joy, happiness and beautiful music during the 

4th OCRUM MUZIEKFESTIVAL november 1-6 2022



14th Ervin Schiffer international Music masterclasses

Tata HUNGARY 15-26 August 2022

Are you a string player or pianist? 

Come visit this beautiful small old town and participate this Summer course! A fantastic team of professors and organisation will guide you daily with understanding, experience and knowledge. And besides your individual solo lessons you will meet students coming from all over the world to play  a lot of chamber music with. 

Look for more info on this website

Or send a pm 


A few weeks ago a colleague send me this old picture. Time flies! At that time I played the cello only a very short time, but I already had the fantastic opportunity to play in this very nice string orchestra. I am super grateful for that opportunity; without the inspiration and encouragement of violinist and conductor Paul De Meyer I probably wouldn't be the cellist I am now. 😀


N. Boulanger - 5 pièces pour violoncello et piano

F. Chopin - sonate op 65  g-moll


C. Franck - sonate in a-moll

Hervormde kerk Haastrecht

reserve your ticket:

Concert Podium Azijnfabriek Den Bosch

Sudden replacement of Joachim Eijlander 

I was very happy to play 

Brahms' Piano Quintet with these wonderful people during this concert 

Karsten Kleijer - viola

Adelina Hasani - violin 

Marta Ephrat-Lemanska - violin 

Roderigo Robles de Medina - piano 

Monique Heidema - cello 

What a joy and succes during the 

Ocrum Muziekfestival Breda 

First concert October 12 

Pianotrio nr 1 C. Saint-Saens by Jeroen Dupont, Monique Heidema, André Telderman 

Prize winners Ocrum Music contest together with participants masterclass 

Masterclasses Tata, Hungary 

In a very inspiring environment students got a lot of lessons and opportunities to perform. 


August 01 2021

3.30 pm

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) - Sonate voor piano en cello, Op. 69, Nr.3

Robert Schumann (1810-856) -. Uit: Drei Romanzen, Op.9

Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921) - Serenade, Gavotte, Op. Posth.

Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983) - Pampeana, Op. 21, Nr. 2 (Rhapsody voor cello en piano)


July 24 2021 

3.30 pm

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) - Sonate voor piano en cello, Op. 69, Nr.3

Robert Schumann (1810-856) -. Uit: Drei Romanzen, Op.9

Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921) - Serenade, Gavotte, Op. Posth.

Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983)  - Pampeana, Op. 21, Nr. 2 (Rhapsody voor cello en piano)


June 19 2021 

12 am / 1.15 pm

Beethoven sonate nr 3 A Major op 69 1st and 2nd movement

Schumann Romanzen 1+ 2 op.94

Saint Saëns Serenade + Gavotte

Ginastera Pampeana nr 2

Bloch Prayer

Saint Saëns Serenade + Gavotte

Beethoven sonate nr 3 A Major op 69 3rd and 4th movement

We all worked very hard. 

But of course there was also a lot of fun 

Even a short free time tasting local Hungarian wine 

Cellists can attend lessons online from now ! 

Look for more : online lessons

For interest & information please fill in the form


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Very, very sad to announce that also the 

Ocrum Muziek Festival 

has been cancelled!! 

Because of this attacking virus the my concert is cancelled 

Sonatas by Chopin, Debussy and Franck have to wait for another date. 

Maassluise Muziekweek

I am looking forward to hear so many talented kids again. If you want to join:: Program and info 

Winnaars 2019

Jury member Prinses Christina Concours west 1

Hungary - Tata 

Very beautiful environment, a lot of chamber music and fantastic teachers! 

August 16-27 2020. 

High leveled cello course in Brescia July 20-25

With a lot of overwhelming reactions from the audience...really hartwarming! 

"Truus : Ik was net (toevallig) bij de Lambertus concerten in Helmond. Ik kon wel in het instrument kruipen. Geweldig gedaan. Bedankt"