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Monique Heidema - cello solo
during pacificatielezing d.d. 5-1-2022
starting at 7'20 m.
J.S. Bach - prelude suite 1
M. Reger - prelude suite 1
G. Cassado - preludio - suite 

Skriabin romance life recording during a recital May 21 2019.

C. Debussy - sonate recorded during a recital at June 19th 2015.

R. Strauss - sonate op.6 deel 2. recorded during a recital op 19 June 2015. 

C . Cui Concert May 21 2019. 

Indigo Piano Quartet during a concert Schumann piano quartet op.47 3rd movement 

C. Saint Saens - Gavotte op. posth. live recorded during a recital op 19 February 2016.

Indigo Piano Quartet Brahms c minor Dvorak D 

Le Cygne Saint Saens.

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