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Cellists can attend lessons online from now !

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Online teaching

started after the successful summer courses in the Czech Republic (2010-2016). The participants were cellists from all over the world. Students wanted to learn more after these enervating weeks and continue to develop in the way I guided them. Travelling was not always a good option and in this way I could support the cellists away. In this special approach I remained in contact with young cellists from Argentina, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, America and Hungary. 

The cello class in Tilburg consists for a substantial part of foreign students. After graduation, there is often the request to follow a number of lessons with me. Online lessons are a tremendous solution for this purpose. 

During the Corona crisis, all cello lessons were online. Experience has shown that if students have lessons with me on a structural basis, it can not be a total replacement of coaching. Playing together in the same time is not possible due to the lack of suitable programs. And everyone will understand that especially for technical instructions sometimes an arm or finger has to be touched. On the other hand help and explanations for technical and musical difficulties can be provided in detailed way.


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