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Indigo Piano Quartet 

Pianokwartet Indigo is founded in 2002.

The members of this ensemble are:

Natasja Morozova      violin

Ron Ephrat                  viola

Monique Heidema     cello

André Telderman       piano

Shortly after the foundation, a concert serie (which lasted five years) was set up for the Piano Quartet in the south of the Netherlands. For only this concert serie, the quartet played 5 to 6 concerts each season with every time a different program. This has resulted in an enormous repertoire, something that the quartet still benefits. Therefor, programs can always be consulted.

In May 2008, the quartet made a very successful tour to St. Petersburg, including concerts in the Glinka Hall of the Philharmonic and the Hermitage theater hall. 

To their great joy and pride, the quartet was asked to come back in March 2017.

During the summer 2010 to 2016, Piano Quartet Indigo had a very important role in the music festival "Marianske Nocturnes".

The Piano Quartet has played in many important concert halls in the Netherlands like the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, but the charm of playing concerts at unknown surprising locations can the Indigo members hardly resist. Enchanting spheres and close contact with the public are becoming increasingly preferred.

In the upper video you can listen to the first movement of the Piano Quartet op.60 by Johannes Brahms.

Under you hear the beginning of the third movement of Schumann's op 47. Both recordings are live recordings. 

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